fingerless gloves

so my latest knitting project isn't quite finished yet (one of two gloves), but here are a few pictures.  this project is my first attempt at a few new knitting things...

1. this is my first experience with self-striping yarn.  it's really fun to knit with since you never really know exactly how the finished project is going to turn out.  

2. this is my first attempt at cabling.  it is so much easier than i thought it would be.  

3. this is my first attempt to knit with double pointed needles--also much easier than i previously anticipated. 


Justin and Kate Mills said...

Oooh I love variegated yarns. What ever happened to that variegated yarn you got at the knitting cafe? I remember it kind of looked like a rubber band because it was flat. It was like orange and yellow and blue or something.
I also found dpns to be so much easier than I previously anticipated. Cabling looks difficult to me too but I'm glad you didn't find it to be. Perhaps I'll try to cable next...