plain yogurt

my new recent food obsession is with plain yogurt.  it is so versatile.  i've used it to make blueberry smoothies and muffins and as a substitute for sour cream in many recipes.  my recent favorite is the above creation.  it's so simple and yet so tasty. 

ingredients: thinly sliced cucumbers, red onion, salt, pepper, and plain yogurt

prep: thinly slice the cucumber and lay the slices on a paper towel to dry, generously sprinkle cucumbers with salt.  thinly slice a red onion.  combine the cucumber with the red onions and some yogurt.  then grind some fresh pepper all over it and mix together.  then eat!  yummmy!  

it may sound a bit strange, but it's really light and fresh and full of flavor.  i might go make some right now...