it's 3am and i must be...

3:30am: wake up to catch early flight from denver to seattle
8:30am: arrive in seattle
9:00am: arrive at work
9:30am: coffee
10:30am: coffee
1:30pm: coffee
3:30pm: coffee
5:30pm: leave work
9:30pm: in bed early to catch up on sleep

3:00am: loud noise beeping
3:15am: what is that loud noise?
3:17am: drag tired body out of bed to explore noise
3:18am: discover loud noise is fire alarm beeping because the battery is low
3:20am: look for step ladder to reach alarm
3:22am: half asleep and standing on the step ladder, trying to disable fire alarm
3:25am: success! fire alarm is disabled. fingers crossed for no fires until i get time to buy a 9-volt battery
3:30am: back in bed
6:30am: up and at 'em for another day of work

is it me, or do the fire alarm batteries always (ALWAYS) die at night...and in the middle of the night....and on a night where you could really use the sleep?


Dee7 said...

I think that is Murphy's law. What's your other website again?