yellow chonies

yesterday, while playing flag football, i lost my shorts. literally. i caught the pass and started running down the field. as the opposing team reached for my flags, they caught my shorts instead. the yank on my shorts was hard enough to burst the elastic drawstring in the waist that was holding my shorts up. as i ran with the football, i felt my shorts falling. luckily, i recovered quickly so people only saw my yellow chonies for a short time. and in case you were wondering, i did get the first down.


Kate Mills said...

Well done to get the first down, Linds! I was, in fact, wondering, but I had a feeling you did. And as for the chonies...I thought you hated yellow?

Dee7 said...

Way to go chonies! Good thing you weren't going commando

Allison said...

shoot, i missed it!