my newest idea for bringing lunch to work is inspired by the idea of the bento box. bento boxes are single-portions of a takeout or home-packed meal common that are common in Japan. Traditional bentos have rice, fish or meat and some veggies as a side dish. my first bento has quinoa, veggies, italian sausage and some salsa (in the red thing). the red thing is actually a teflon cupcake holder. i have 12 of them and they're really helpful for separating sauces and such from the food.


Allison said...

Your meal looks so tasty. The colors make me want to take a bite off the screen. I don't have a bento box, but I try to put my lunches in the take away containers that places give you for lunch to have a sufficiently sized, yummy, balanced meal.

Ruth said...

Great idea for lunches! I'm going to try that! Where did you get the bento box?