fresh italian pasta

i tend to be a fairly type a person, so it might surprise you to learn that i 110% hate cooking with recipes. i don't like following the directions, measuring, reading the instructions, etc. recipes actually stress me out. making sure to buy all the ingredients in them, wondering if you mixed right, finding out you skipped a step; all stressful. i like making up recipes as i go along. the benefits to this method are many fold: 1) you can be creative, 2) you can use the ingredients you already have 3) you can use the food/ingredients you like, 4) you can cook without the stress. disadvantages are that 1) sometimes it doesn't turn out so well, 2) you have to remember what you did so you can recreate it (without writing it down in a formulaic way that makes it into an evil recipe), 3) the food/ingredients you like/have may not always go so well together...

that being said, i had a big success in my dinner creation tonight. it is pictured above. some of the ingredients include freshly diced tomatoes, italian sausage, portabella mushrooms cooked in balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs from my garden, and some garlic. it was better than i even thought it would be. and i like to think it looked pretty tasty as well.

why have i started blogging about food recently? well, it combats disadvantage #2 above. and also, i don't think more than 3 people actually read my blog...so it's more of a reminder/journal for me. and i like writing down my two cents whether or not anyone else likes reading them or not.


Justin and Kate Mills said...

Yes, I am so honored to be one of the three people that read your blog!! The food posts definitely interest me. I think recipes must attract opposites because, as you may or may not know, I'm not a Type A person. But I love recipes. I will be creative sometimes and mix things up, but I'll usually start with a recipe and I'll write down my creative twist to make it into a recipe.
Oh, and your pie looks great...reminds me of your blueberry pie made with Maxim's gazillion blueberries. And of course the yummy pie crust cookies to go with!