Java Junkie

i love coffee. seriously love coffee. i'm a coffee purist (black, no cream/sugar). and i love the song by david m. bailey called 'java junkie'. the lyrics are below... i particularly related to the last few lines (in bold) today after an awful commute into work that took 5 times as long as it should have and involved me walking around in the rain.

I like a caramel cappuccino with a double shot of jo
And a white chocolate mocha, make that one to go
See, I’m a coffee connoisseur, a Dali lama of latte
A genuine java junkie every hour of the day
Columbia and Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru
They all make a fine roast, the French do too
Cubans drink it sweet, the Turkish drink it strong
Me, I just drink it, all day long.
Most drink it for breakfast, some after they dine
Guess they just don't know you can drink it anytime
Pre-brunch, post-lunch, afternoon tea
Perfect coffee breaks if you’re asking me
I like to brew a pot before the lights go out
Some say it keeps me up, I say it helps, no doubt
Now, some of you are thinking it's gonna make me sick
That I should switch to decaf as though that would do the trick
But I've learned a thing or two in my 30-something years,
Life is short so stay awake before it disappears
And if that means that I should drink an extra cup of Joe
Well sign me up, fill my cup, let it overflow
It's more than just a beverage; it's better than a drug
It's like an old best friend who greets you with a hug


Allison said...

Mmmm, me too... so soothing...