i love pie!

I had the urge to bake tonight and decided to make a pie. I was going to make a blueberry pie (my all time favorite), but when I stopped by the organic blueberry farm on my way home from work, I found out that blueberry season isn't until July 1st. However, I did buy some fresh organic cherries and rhubarb.

One of my favorite things about pie is the pie crust. When I was growing up, I always loved when my mom made pie because it meant not only a delicious pie, but pie crust cookies. (see picture above). Pie crust cookies are made with the leftover pie crust. You put some butter on the crust and then sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar. Roll it up in a log, cut it and bake it and the results are some wonderful cookies. There are only two important things about pie crust cookies: 1) they must never be made alone...only when making pie and 2) they have to be eaten warm, otherwise they aren't good. Maybe that's why pie crust cookies are so special. They only come every now and then...and they're only around for a short period of time. I sure did eat all of those pie crust cookies on that plate.

And then there's the pie.
It looks good. It smells good. But I won't know if it's good until tomorrow. It has to cool...and I'm so stuffed from pie crust cookies that i can't possibly try it.


Dee7 said...

Your website is the bomb diggity. It must have taken such a long time to do that. It looks so great! Good job

Briana said...

wow, that pie looks loads better than the last hunt blueberry pie i had the pleasure of baking! >insert exlosion sound here!< gosh...i can smell it right now. mmmm....heck, i'm going to go make dinner :)