a colorful meal

i made this creation for dinner last night. the salad in the front has corn, shelled edamame, onion, tomatoes, chick peas, basil, oregano, parsley, lemon and lime juice. i ate it the next night mixed in with some quinoa and it was wonderful.

i can't take credit for the rolls on the top of the plate. they're a trader joe's special. but were quite tasty. especially dipped in ponzu sauce. ponzu sauce is quite possibly my all time favorite sauce. mmmm.


Liz Spangler said...

So since I'm done with the prostate project, I have had time to catch up on life, blogs, you know, the important stuff. And I love that like ALL your recent blogs are about food. That makes me happy. Though it makes me sad that your job did not permit you to cook when we were roommates, cause these are some YUMMY looking dishes! Oh, and speaking of food, I finally tried applewood last night. Awesome, really yummy.