i opened my mop starter kit for the first time today. i've cleaned since i moved in a month ago, but this was my first mop. (my parents are coming tomorrow...) the mop gave me a good laugh, though. the instructions to put the mop together were as follows:

1. start with mop head
2. connect female pole to male pole
a) align flat side of male pole with flat side of female pole (this sounds dirtier than it is)
b) squeeze metal doodads
c) snap poles together
3. continue with male pole and mop handle
4. relax with a nice chianti

what a way to mop! i did follow my cleaning spree with a glass of wine. and the cleaning fluid that comes with omop smells wonderful--like almond extract. check out the link in the title. and in case you were wondering, yes, it is nerdy that i'm blogging about my mop.


Allison said...

I'm a little flushed just reading about it! I will check out the mop...