Cape Flattery

After a crazy week of work, I wanted to escape the city. I decided to take a drive around the Olympic Peninsula with no particular destination in mind. I ended up below at the most northwestern part of the lower 48 states.

As you might imagine, reaching the most northwestern part of the continental US isn't easy or quick. I began by driving to a ferry that took me across Puget Sound from Edmonds to Kingston. Then I drove...and drove and drove and drove along two lane highways with no traffic that make stick shift cars (and their drivers) happy to be alive. The last part of the drive was on a very bumpy dirt road. Then I had to get out and hike about a mile to reach the northwestern point of the US.

The drive was gorgeous. I stopped and bought fresh organic cherries. I enjoyed listening to music as I twisted and turned through Olympic National Park. The smell of the salt water and vocent air was lovely as I drove along the coast. I saw some strange things, too. I pulled over in the town of Sekiu because the fish wearing a skirt with legs was too random to pass by.
Anyway, it was relaxing and enjoyable. I drove over 300 miles round trip. Some more pictures from the drive are below. (Kate, this post is dedicated to you since you reminded me that I hadn't blogged about nature/outdoor activities for a while...)


Kate Mills said...

Wow, thanks for the dedication! Pulling over to take a picture of the fish with legs and a skirt was definitely worth it. What inspired that, we'll never know...