the bald eagle

i was reminded yesterday of part of my cape flattery trip that i forgot to include. as i was driving 15 miles per hour on a dirt road up to the trailhead, i had an encounter with a bald eagle. you might be thinking, 'cool, a bald eagle', but for a person who is afraid of birds (me), it is more of a scary experience than anything else. the eagle was sitting on a low hanging branch and was literally about 10 feet away from me. i was driving with all of my windows down and as i approached it, i started frantically stumbling for the buttons to put the windows up. as i came closer, it took flight and flew right over me. i had visions of it flying into the car to attack me. it was HUGE. literally huge. i escaped unharmed.


Kate Mills said...

I thought this post would be patriotic since it was near the Fourth of July and a bald eagle and all, and I forgot you were afraid of birds in general, not just pigeons, since that's all we ever saw in the city. And they are so dirty and bold I don't blame you for being afraid of them. I would love to see a bald eagle sometime, but I guess only ten feet away would be pretty scary. They are HUGE.