shirking responsibility

i had a frustrating day at work today. i was working on a mini-project all day for one of the directors in my office. it was frustrating because a) there was hardly any information on what i was trying to find and b) i was working on it with one of my coworkers (only one level aheady of me) who is bossy, condescending, and controlling. i was almost done with my work when another director came looking for people to do work for him. i told him that i was already doing things for someone else, so he asked two of the other analysts that started with me if they could help. they both said they were busy even though they were not because they wanted to leave before 5pm and go to happy hour. so the director talked to the other director i was working for and asked if he could use me instead. so at 4:30pm i got assigned another project that has to be finished by 4pm tomorrow. this means that a) i have been working since this afteroon and it is now almost 11pm and b) i will have a stressful friday as i try to finish this up. sweet...thanks to my alcoholic coworkers, i get stuck with an evening full of work.