it has been a while since i've had time to write anything here...mainly because starting last week i now spend 8 hours of my life on an airplane. sound exciting? well, it's not really that exciting at all. for the next six months i'll be traveling from new york to houston every monday and then back every thursday. lots of frequent flier miles. here are a few of my random travel notes from the week...

1. i love the tv show "the office". it is sooo funny. has anyone ever watched the episode entitled "diversity day"? sooo funny. i started watching it because i can download the episodes to my ipod to watch on the plane. people look at you like you're a crazy person when you're sitting there, watching your ipod and hysterically laughing out loud. but i'm serious, it really is that funny.

2. have you ever been on a plane when you're stuffed up or have sinus pressure? well, it basically makes it about 20 times worse. when you're gaining or losing altitude, your nose and head feel like they're about to explode. ouch. and i still feel weird...my head feels like i need to just poke a hole in it and let something escape.

3. i rented a car for the first time ever today. i have a "lovely" ford taurus. isn't a ford taurus such a classic rental car? does anyone even own a ford taurus or are they mass produced for companies like hertz? anyway, i didn't get off to a great start with my car renting and driving experience. i was still a bit out of sorts from my explosive head condition and then as i was turning out of the garage, i didn't see another car and cut it off completely. i got honked at and then turned partially up onto the curb as i swerved to avoid it. i think i made the other people in my car really nervous. i'm really a very good driver. but you wouldn't know that from the way i drove today.

4. i'm writing this at work because i have nothing to do. all i want to do is go to my hotel and take a nap. and watch 24...i hope i'm back in time to watch 24. oh my... i can't believe i'm going to be doing this for another um...22 weeks?!?!