i had the WORST cab driver tonight coming back from the airport. here are a few of the things that happened while in the cab:

1. immediately upon entering the cab, he started cursing at the couple in front of us who were trying to get all of their luggage and a baby into the cab. it was pouring rain and they were trying their best and he just kept yelling at them "f--- you, f---ing move, etc"
2. i told him i was going to brooklyn and he started yelling at me because the cab fare is higher if people are going to manhattan.
3. i called my mom to let her know i got to new york safely. meanwhile, he is yelling and cursing at other people on the road. he's so loud that my mom can hear him and asks if i'm ok. i laughed a little about the situation while on the phone with my mom. after hanging up, the cab driver started cursing at me because i was "laughing at him and his situation". i tried to explain to him that i was on the phone talking to my mom, but he kept yelling.
4. next he starts telling me how horrible it is to work today and how he might kill someone. he told me to look for his name in the paper in a week because he'll have been arrested for killing a passenger.
5. then we run into a little bit of traffic (more cursing) and he decides he'll avoid it by going into manhattan and then back to brooklyn. i told him not to do that because then i have to pay tolls and it's way more expensive. but he did it anyway. when i complained, he said, "don't tell me about that...no, i'm not making you pay more. this is just how things have to be."
6. he told me also about how is back is hurt and he might take a pain killer because it hurts, but that will make him drowsy and he won't be able to drive as well.
7. when he asked me where i came from and i told him denver, he started cursing denver and saying what a horrible place it is to live.

all in all, it was definitely not a fun cab ride. but irritating as it was, i started feeling sorry for him because it's really sad that people are so angry that they behave in that way. i still think i'm going to report him, though, because it's totally inappropriate for a cab driver to act that way and i had to pay a LOT more money than i should have.