tough guys aren't so tough on the ice

every other saturday i volunteer with this program with the morris academy. it's a high school in the bronx and the mentors (me and others like me) are paired with students from the school to help them prepare for college, write essays, hang out, etc. today we met them to go ice skating in bryant park. the students rae really nice--they're funny, but really cool kids. the guys always act like they're so tough. so it was really funny to see all these "tough guys" when they strapped on skates and stepped onto the ice. they were so scared! they were holding onto the wall and barely moving. i thought it was so funny to see the change in them once they stepped onto the ice. the tough guys weren't so tough anymore as i skated in and out of them.


Ms. Matthews said...

i'd love to see my class out there. but the bottoms of skates are a liiiittle too, um, sharp for their use. scissors are almost too much - skates are out of the question.