business trip awkwardness

two awkward moments from my most recent business trip to pittsburgh--
1. my case manager forgot to tell me (but not the other person on the case) that we were staying for 2 nights instead of only 1 like usual. this isn't a problem except for the fact that i did not pack enough clothes for 3 days. i had on what i was wearing and one additional outfit. so today, the third day, i rewore the pants that i have now worn for three days straight. (at least they're dark gray and not really noticeable) i also rewore a sweater, but without the collared shirt underneath it that i wore the first day. sweet...they must think my wardrobe is very limited. i kept hoping i would have a chance to go out and buy a shirt or something, but no such luck.
2. we went to dinner last night with our client. and the client was going to pick a wine for dinner, but then she handed me the wine list and told me to pick a wine for the table. now, i know a *little* about wine, but not a lot. so faced with the 7 page wine list, i was a little lost. i ended up picking a cabernet, but no one said, "this wine is good." no one even commented on it at all...so i don't think i did a great job. great idea to let the 22 year old pick the wine when everyone else is at least 10 years older than me or more. i think i need to brush up on my wine knowledge for the next client dinner.