curses to the mta

the transit strike in new york city was pure madness. i mean, pure madness. luckily i missed day one and two as i was in pittsburgh, but this is what my life has been like since returining to new york last night.

5:30pm: my plane lands
5:45pm: i'm in the car from mark limo on my way home
6:00pm: traffic is VERY bad
6:30pm: a car rams into us from behind and crunches the back of the car in
7:00pm: waiting in the car for the NYPD to come
7:30pm: still waiting
8:00pm: NYPD arrives
8:15pm: NYPD questions me about what happened in the accident
8:45pm: NYPD finally writes the police report and lets us leave
8:58pm: after 3 hours, I finally make it home
8:59pm: rush downstairs to get my laundry in before the laundry room locks at 9pm
9:30pm: unpack my bag
10:00pm: eat dinner
10:30pm: file my work travel expenses because they owe me $4000
11:00pm: more laundry
11:30pm: watching some tv to see if the mta strike is over
12:30am: finally go to bed

6:00am: wake up
7:00am: leave my apartment to walk 1.5 miles to where the company sponsored bus is picking me up
7:25am: start running because i'm worried i may miss the bus
7:30am: sit on the bus
9:30am: finally arrive at work
11:30am: walk .5 miles to dr.'s appointment number 1
12:00pm: walk .6 miles to dr.'s appointment number 2
1:00pm: walk 1.5 miles back to work
4:30pm: get on the bus back to brooklyn
5:30pm: on 10th ave and 45th street
6:30pm: on 11th ave and 32nd street
7:00pm: on 11th ave and 14th street
7:15pm: finally in the battery tunnel
7:20pm: brooklyn--finally!!!
7:30pm: back to the park where the bus picked me up this morning
7:45pm: large lady who sat next to me in the bus for 3 hours offers to give me a ride back to my apartment in her car because she feels bad for "squishing" me for 3 hours
8:00pm: finally back in my apartment drinking a beer and writing this blog
schedule for the rest of the night? finish up the work that i didn't get to today because of all my walking, traveling, appointments, etc. pack my bags to go home. go to bed...wake up at 5am tomorrow morning to get in a car at 5:30am to catch my flight to chicago and then denver.
plans for my time at home? RELAX!!!!!!!!!

thank goodness for public transportation and thank goodness that the stupid mta workers agreed to go back to work.