have a slaughter free day

"have a slaughter free day" was the advice of the crazy vegan on the subway today. according to her, you can have better sex, live longer, and be smarter if you don't eat meat. she also claimed that humans are herbivore. we were not designed to eat meat. if that is the case, then why are most people carnivores? why has it been "odd" to be a vegan or vegetarian in all of human history? hmm...maybe it's because she's crazy. all of her ranting and raving about not eating meat made me want to go find a t-bone steak to eat.

in other health news, i picked up a prescription today and there was a pamphlet in it that said, "addicted to caffeine?" so i proceeded to read the following, "caffeine is one of the two most widely used psychoactive drugs on earth. the other is alcohol. phychoactive means that it has an effect on your mental functioning. caffeine produces anger, fear, anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure, tremor, a jittery feeling, rapid and shallow breathing, change in pain sensitivity and dozens of other changes."

"heavy caffeine users may: become dependent (believing that the drug is an essential part of their lives), develop tolerance (requiring more caffeine over time to get the same effects), undergo withdrawal syndrome if they don't get it."

so when i read the above, i started to wonder if my love of coffee in the morning was indeed an addiction. but i breathed a sigh of relief when i read that it is really talking to the crazy caffeine addicts--like those who drink 10 cups of coffee a day. they go through a program to reduce from 10 cups a day to 1 cup a day. so if i have one cup a day of coffee or tea, i'm not an addict. although i hear that denial is one of the signs of addiction. i may leave the pamphlet on the desk of the guy at work who sits behind me and drinks 6 cokes a day.