i had to travel to pittsburgh today for a work meeting. my plane left at 6:15 am so i had to wake up at 4 am. my car service was supposed to pick me up at 4:45 am, but when i left my apartment the car was not there. so i called the service and they had me down as needing a car at 4:45 pm. they said they would send a car, but that it would take 20-30 minutes to get to me. i was planning on being at the airport in 20-30 minutes so i was a bit stressed that i was not going to make my flight. but i made it...

so i met up with two of my co-workers in pittsburgh who are from boston. we went over to the client's office for our meeting with them. they were all very nice, but i felt sooooo young. our client has two kids that are in college and here i am, only a few years older than her kids, and she's paying my company big bucks for work that i'm going to be doing. we did this thing where we went around the table introducing ourselves and telling our backgrounds. everyone else has been working for 15-20 years and when it got to me, i had to reveal to everyone in the room that i had just graduated and had only been working for 2 months--i mean, it really isn't a problem, but it just made me feel very young and underqualified.

i was leaving to head back to new york around the same time as the director on my case. he was also headed to new york for some meetings. so we shared a cab back to the airport. now, he travels a lot so he's a premium, first-class member. so i just followed him to the fast security line and 'acted' like i had the same deal as him. then he got me into the first class lounge while we waited for our flight. it definitely pays to travel with people who have perks.

anyway, i'm back in new york now...day trips to pittsburgh that start at 4 am are not the most fun in the entire world. but i'm glad i get to be home to sleep in my own bed tonight.