hidden rage

after having brunch with my co-workers this morning, i met these two people from church to go ice skating in bryant park. it was ok...i mean, they are generally nice, but i just don't 'click' very well with them. we just don't connect very well. one of them got tired of skating after a very little amount of time and went and got our things from the locker and said she'd meet us in the cafe. so i went around with the other girl skating for a while, but she liked to go weaving in and out of people so we didn't really talk--we just skated. and i like to skate, but this rink was super crowded and it wasn't very easy to go fast and it was much more conducive to skating slowly and talking to the people around you. then, we went to go find the other girl when we were done skating and we couldn't find her. she had our shoes, purses, etc. so we looked for a while and the girl that was with me started getting really angry. i knew that we would find the person with our stuff eventually, but it was just a very crowded place. but the person i was with was getting angrier and angrier by the second. it was so strange. then we took our skates off and walked without our shoes over to the cafe to find her. all of a sudden the girl started running because she said her feet were cold (and it wasn't even cold out). it was so strange. then we found the girl with our stuff and the rage was calmed. i sometimes wonder if i'm ever going to meet any normal people here. and i really wish that i had even just one friend. life is so lonely sometimes.