what a lovely weekend in philly. 75 degree weather in november. beautiful leaves falling. fun times to catch up with friends. a glorious church service with the brass...and then i had to come back to new york. i seriously sat on the chinatown bus and cried the whole way back. i like new york and my job, but i miss having friends--i miss my friends. and i don't realize it or think about it all the time, but after spending a weekend with them it's so hard to come back. i long for "home" but don't know where home is. my parents are in colorado, most of my friends are in philadelphia, i live and work in new york, but none of those places feel like home.

in other less serious news, i don't think i can take the chinatown bus anymore. it was so sketchy. two cops almost didn't let it leave philly because it didn't have the proper license and the driver didn't have a proper license. sweet. i think i'll take the train next time.