misc. thoughts

1. there is a man on 45th street that barks at me when i walk by him to go to lunch every day.
2. i usually have a good sense of direction, but whenever i get out of the subway i'm always so disoriented and end up walking the wrong direction.
3. last night my roommate and i started painting our living room at 9pm. it feels very trading spaces. we started at 9pm with a bottle of wine and ended (note ended, not finished) at 1:30am with an empty bottle of wine.
4. the pipes were making so much noise last night. you know that sound when heaters and pipes are loud? well, if you don't, it sounds like someone is banging two large metal pipes together over, and over, and over and over again. and it went on like that all night...


Ms. Matthews said...

1. weird.
2. no comment
3. love it. how fun!
4. uh oh i forget what #4 was. oh the pipes. yes.