near death experience at giant's stadium

my brother and i went to the broncos/giants game in new york on sunday. we were in enemy territory watching the game in our orange and blue and cheering for the team. unfortunately, we lost by one point on the final play of the game. it was sad...but, we almost got killed in giant's stadium. some idiot in front of us was throwing bottles at us and being a jerk. my brother was getting pretty fired up and mad at the guy.

as we passed him to leave the stadium, he puthis hand in my face and i smacked it out of the way. then people tried to steal our hats as we were leaving the stadium. i mean, i understand if you want to cheer for your team and all--but, throwing things and trying to steal our stuff is out of control-especially since they won and we lost. i think i prefer watching the games among fellow fans in friendly environments. oh well, it was fun to see the game anyway.