a series of frustrating events

starting with last night:
1. i was trying to meet up with some people at a bar and after getting off the subway, i decided to take a cab. cab #1 stopped, i got in, and then he told me he was off duty and i needed to get out. cab #2 stopped, i got in, and then he said he couldn't turn around and that i needed to get out and cross the street and get another cab. cab #3 stopped, i got and finally made it to my destination.
2. at the bar, the bouncer didn't believe that my colorado driver's license was real. he kept saying that he had seen licenses from colorado before and they didn't look like that. (well, he must have only seen fakes before mine). i tried to convince him it was real by showing him my credit cards, company id, health card, etc. finally he let me in.
3. once i got in, the people i was supposed to meet were no where to be found. they weren't in there at all. i tried calling and couldn't get in touch with anyone. so i left, got in a cab, and went home.
this morning:
1. i was running late leaving my apartment as usual.
2. i made it to the subway and even had a seat so that i could relax and read on the way to work. then a notice came on that said due to a fire at west 4th street, the F train would not be going to manhattan. sweet. i thought, no big deal--i'll just transfer to the A, C, or E trains. but then when i got to the transfer station, they announced that the A, C, and E trains weren't going to manhattan either.
3. i had no idea where i was, so like a lemming, i began to follow all of the other people that were exiting the station. after walking several blocks, we came to another subway station and i found a train to transfer to.
4. the train i was on was so crowded that i was touching everyone around me.
5. the man standing next to me was a fountain of foul language and kept pounding the railing.
6. and it's raining today.