one step forward, three steps back

do you ever feel like each time you make progress or think you're making progress, you all of a sudden find that you're taking several steps back?  that's the story of my life these days.  every time i think i'm getting somewhere or see some glimmers of hope, i'm knocked back a few paces and have to start all over again. it's so frustrating.  and exhausting.  and disheartening.

i feel like i'm stuck in quicksand.  and i've been slowly sinking for a while.  but i wasn't worried, because i saw these swinging vines and they were swinging close to me and i was pretty sure i would catch one and it would pull me out.  but then the vines were cut or stopped swinging and i kept sinking.  every now and then, someone throws one my way.  i reach out to grab it.  sometimes my fingers just touch it.  other times i even get a full grasp on it and start to pull myself out.  but then the vine snaps.  or someone cuts it. and i'm back where i was--sinking in the quicksand. 

the eggs in the picture above are psyanky or ukrainian easter eggs [those two were decorated by allison].  i set up all the dyes and hot wax and kitskas to decorate eggs last weekend.  and i spent several hours decorating one.  but then i accidentally broke it this week.  it figures.