broken glass

this is how i found my car this morning--window shattered, glass everywhere, car broken into, ipod stolen.  great way to start the day. the strange thing is that i park my car in a covered, locked, private garage for residents of my apartment building only.  when i arrived home last night, i was the last car in the garage (only 7 cars use the garage).  i came home late--after 11 pm.  and i don't really understand how someone got into the garage. either they a) were already in there when i came home, b) followed me in and hid while i was getting stuff out of my trunk c) got in through a door that someone left unlocked or d) live in my apartment building.  a and b are really creepy.  c-d don't make me feel much safer.  all that the person took was my ipod and the device that connects it to my radio.  nothing else was even out of place.  and my ipod (though i loved it) wasn't even worthy of breaking a window to steal.  it's over 4 years old, scratched, dropped, and chipped.  

i spent most of the day getting the window replaced, calling my insurance agent, filing a police report, talking to the property manager of my building.  at least i didn't have to go to work.  instead, i sat outside and enjoyed the 70 degree weather at a starbucks while waiting for the car window replacement.  

i guess i need to be more careful with what i leave in the car.  i usually am pretty aware, but tend to be less aware in my own garage.  i was keenly aware tonight when i came home.  doors were locked (and relocked) several times before entering the garage.  i watched the door shut behind me to make sure no one followed me inside.  i glanced around the garage before getting out of my car and then i sprinted to the door to escape what is now a slightly scary and dangerous parking garage.