your parents named you what?

I was reading an article on cnn.com last week about two kids whose names are Indiana Jones and Dow Jones.  The father named the son Dow as a dare while the mother was asleep after giving birth (link to story)  The article goes on to list other people with really strange names.  

Today, while filling out my absentee primary ballot, I discovered that one of the candidates for my US Representative Congressional District is named "Goodspaceguy Nelson".  All the sentences in his biography sounds funny..."Goodspaceguy received his Master of Science from the University of Minnesota... Goodspaceguy is also an economist."  

It got even better under family, he listed, "The life of Spaceship Earth is his family."  Or career experience--"Trying to understand the universe, Goodspaceguy became an amateur jack-of-all-trades."  In his candidate statement, "Goodspaceguy believes that the number one problem on Spaceship Earth is the tripling of people during the last hundred years..."  

Seriously????  Please tell me that even the crazies in Seattle aren't crazy enough to vote for Goodspaceguy Nelson...  (Check out his blog about colonizing space)


Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I have no idea who you are and we couldn't live any farther apart and still be in the continental U.S., (I'm in Florida) but I saw a link to your blog on Common Grounds, where I've been dialoguing with Reggie Kidd and others and for some random reason decided to click on it. I saw the CNN.com story too (I'm a cnn.com junky) and thought it was crazy. I love to bake but often burn or otherwise injure myself in the kitchen and have just recently done an entire blog post on cake and ice cream complete with pictures. So with all that and the fact that my name is Lindy, I thought I would say hello and invite you to my site at www.lindydavidson.net where my musings are utterly random and sporadic. Somehow I have a hunch you can relate!