good karma

my blog has been seriously neglected these days...no pictures, no interesting stories, no new recipies. maybe my life has become incredibly boring...either that or i just haven't had the time to write about it here.

anyway...last night as i was doing some things around my apartment, i thought of something to write about here. maybe i'll take some pictures of some baked goods soon...or post some pictures from my travels...or write about the absurdities of life...or about the books i've been reading...but for now, this will have to do.

ometimes all of the little things in life come together to make doing a particularly annoying task really easy. i refer to these things as 'good karma'. here are some of my favorite types of 'good karma'.

laundry karma: when you have just enough quarters to do your laundry and then go to the laundry room to find that there is an empty washer and dryer to use without having to wait for your neighbors to do their five loads.

flight karma: when you have ten flights in twelve days (as i did in the month of june) and none of them are delayed or canceled and some of them are even early.

traffic karma: when you leave work in the middle of rush hour anticipating lots of traffic, but get home much earlier than expected and actually get your car out of third gear.

subway karma: when you walk down the subway stairs to find the train arriving and step on it just in time without having to wait for the next one to come. (this was a favorite when i lived in new york)

anyone else have any favorite types of 'karma'?

[disclaimer: i don't actually believe in karma...but, well...you get the point]


Dee7 said...

Blogger karma: When Lindsay writes in the awkward or flirting blog.

Justin and Kate Mills said...

Grocery store karma: When you get to the checkout and there's no line or a very small line. It always bugs me when you're at the end of a long line, and somehow you stay the last person for a while. Waiting in line at the grocery store is one of my least favorite activities.

Ms. Matthews said...

Closet karma: When you realize at the last minute you actually have to look nice for work the next day, but since you so rarely have to wear suit pants or anything of that nature, they're never clean. so you go digging in your closet to find any clean pair ... and find your favorite pants, skirt, and/or jacket still in the dry cleaning back from months ago. So beautiful.