hazardous work environment

Below is an email I received today at work today. No, this is not a joke.

"Recently we've had some reports of sinus/headaches on your floor.

One of the things we are going to try to resolve this issue is do an entire floor burn off. Where we turn the HVAC to max to burn/clean out anything that is in the HVAC system that could cause these symptoms.

In order to do this the HVAC needs to run for about 12 hours at max temp after hours. Obviously we don’t want anyone to be on the floor working when this happens for they will be sweltering. This is likely to be done in the evenings after work hours.

The burn off is scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday, February 20th."

My VP, whose office is right next to mine, has a weird smell that comes from the exhaust in his office. It smells like a bucket of KFC chicken. The smell is really strong. So strong that it makes me hungry. And it makes him smell like he works in a KFC. The smell isn't around all the time, but it consistently appears at 3:30 pm each afternoon.

I wonder if the mysterious fast food smell has anything to do with the sinus headaches?

Either way, I'm starting to feel like I need to wear a gas mask to work.


marzbarz said...

Oh my goodness, Linds. Have you considered that this could be a
KFC marketing ploy? Do you know anyone in the office with KFC connections? I would recommend purchasing a sugar-cookie-scented yankee candle and burning it at your desk to combat the KFC smell. No one wants to smell like a bucket of fried chicken.