strange timing

i work in company HQ with ~5,500 other employees. we occupy four buildings. we have a three-story parking garage. i always park on level B. there are three elevators in the building.

i leave my apartment anytime between 7:15-8:15am each day (depending on how many times i hit snooze). my commute takes me somewhere between 20-35 minutes door-to-door, depending on traffic. traffic is unbelievably unpredictable.

there is a woman who works on my floor that is on the same elevator with me four out of five times each week. it's uncanny. each time i walk from my car to the elevator bay, there she is.

statistically the odds of this happening are very low. so either a) she is stalking me b) she and i are on some weird timing schedule that makes us commute in sync with one another or c) ??

she's probably going to miss me next week when i'm on vacation.