my latest food obsession

i go through various phases during which i'm obsessed with certain foods. by obsessed, i mean that i crave these foods all the time. it doesn't matter whether it's breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or a snack. my latest obsession is what i want.

last spring/early summer it was peanut butter/banana shakes with soy milk. the peanut butter needs to be organic crunchy...and they're best when the PB/banana ratio is such that you can taste the banana, but it doesn't overpower the PB and vice versa.

my late summer obsession were pita sandwiches with hummus, tomatoes, cheese, and ham. the pitas were best toasted and were often too soggy if i made one in the morning and brought it to work for lunch.

my current obsession? veggie burgers. all varieties work. black bean...normal...etc. i like them without a bun. with baby tomatoes sliced on top. and sprouts on top of the tomatoes. then i sprinkle on some Tabasco sauce and lemon juice. mmmmm.