Bus Pictures...

Me on the bus while at a rest stop somewhere in PA.

In the Pittsburgh bus station. Check out this guy's moustache.

This guy struck up a conversation with me while waiting to board our bus in Pittsburgh. He was headed to Memphis. His plans once arriving at 6 AM were to shower and then head directly to the pool hall to shoot pool and drink beer with his brother before work. He lives in West Virginia (meeting him didn't help any of my stereotypes about people from West Virginia). He also talked to me about all of his "trouble with the law" and how he moved to West Virginia because his girl friend lied and told him she was pregnant. He was spending Christmas with his parents in Memphis while his girl friend and son spent it with her parents. He said he wasn't willing to put up with his girl friend's parents and would rather spend Chrismas away from his son. Sad.

West Virginia Red Neck again. The man in front was a VERY large man that kept "barking" at people who tried to cut us in the line.

Some Greyhound bus riders in Pittsburgh.

One of my three buses.

There was lots of snow in Denver when I finally arrived.


Anonymous said...

Mad props for the stalker picture of the WV guy. You should have gotten his digits while you were there...