Old and Young

Recently I've noticed that certain situations in my life have been making me feel very old while others make me feel really young. Here are a few examples from this week.
Old: I feel really old when the Penn recruits email me saying, "Dear Ms. Hunt...." Have I really become Ms. Hunt already? I also feel old now that I can't say, "Last year when I was in college..." It has now been two years since I was in college. That makes me feel old.
However, sometimes I'm in situations that make me feel really young. Take last night for example. I was riding home in the Acela Business Class train reading US Weekly. I bought it because Patrick Dempsey was on the cover. After I finished reading my trashy magazine, I took out my iPod and watched South Park. I followed that by playing Brick Breaker on my BlackBerry. The demographic on the Acela Business Class is 55-year old, white men. That makes me feel like a teenage girl.