Soundtrack of Life

I was in Penn Station waiting for my train this morning and I started thinking about how ironic the music in Penn Station is. If you've ever been there, you might remember that there is always classical music playing quite loudly in the background. It seems so ironic when most people are rushing around, late for trains, juggling bags and suitcases, trying to be first on and off of the trains. In the midst of all of this craziness is calm, peaceful classical music. It seems like something that you might see in a movie or a commercial.

This whole scenario made me start thinking about music and how interesting it is that certain songs are so powerful in bringing me back to a time in my life when I listened to them a lot. The song One Week by Barenaked Ladies reminds me of the summer of my first job when I had just started driving because it was on the radio all the time. God Bless The Broken Road reminds me of a road trip to Cincinnati and another one the next week to Florida during my senior year of college. I listened to Faith My Eyes by Caedmon's Call on repeat for months before I left for college. Ginny Owens was my CD of choice during the fall of my senior year of college followed by Bethany Dillon during the months before my graduation. When I hear one of those songs (and many others), I can remember exactly how I felt and the exact circumstances surrounding the time in my life when I listened to those songs. It makes me want to make a "soundtrack of my life" and write down my memories that are attached to each song.

What's the soundtrack of my life right now? Hard to say if there's one specific song, but I've been listening to a lot of Kendall Payne recently. Here are the lyrics to her song Ups and Downs.

All that I've found through the ups and the downs
Is that I'd have it no other way
Life in the raw is both fragile and strong
It's both lovely and ugly the same
Who can attest that when they're at their best
Oh their worst is still crouching close behind
Its coming to peace with the darkness in me
That allows the true light inside to shine
So let it go for we are still far from home
Though you try and you try to escape
To live and to love will always be dangerous
But it's better than playing it safe
We are composed of a symphony of notes
Every life is as music to His ears
I'll play my melody be it haunting be it sweet
Unashamed of what anyone might hear
So when the load breaks your back and your will
You must still keep your hand in the game
To live and to love will always be dangerous
But it's better than playing it safe
So let it go when it don't feel like home
When inside is your only escape
To live and to love will always be dangerous
But would you want it any other way?
What's your soundtrack?