Weird New York

Two weird things...
1. I walked into a Starbucks on the Upper East Side on Sunday morning around 9:45 AM. Normal things to see in a Starbucks at that time: people drinking coffee, reading the NY Times, lounging around, etc.
What I saw in the Starbucks: a woman sitting at a table with a watermelon cut in half. (I'm talking about a whole half of a watermelon.) And she's sitting there with a spoon and is just having at it, digging away and eating the watermelon. I mean, why would you do that? How did she get it cut? Did she bring a knife? I have so many questions about that. Oh yeah, she also had a Starbucks latte. Weird.

2. I realize that this picture is odd with some random woman and her baby. The key to this picture is to look at the size of the umbrella. It was raining this morning. New York City is a nightmare when it rains because everyone has umbrella wars. Dodging umbrellas can be tricky. But, I saw a woman this morning with an umbrella the same size as that in the picture above. Seriously? The umbrella was the size of Manhattan! What was she thinking?