enjoying "the beach"

You know it's time to leave work when...
1. You wait with fingers crossed for the CNN website to refresh hoping that there will be a new story you can read.
2. You saunter to the break room every 15 minutes to refill your water bottle.
3. You drink all the water in your water bottle every 15 minutes so you have excuses to get up and go to the break room to refill it.
4. You spend 30 minutes trying to figure out the best way to construct a basketball hoop out of paperclips, tape, and an empty folder.
5. You play with your newly constructed basketball hoop for 30 minutes.
6. You wander the office all day trying to find three other people for a game of foosball.
7. You spend time writing a blog entry about all of the ways that you can waste time at work.