I went to the rodeo in Houston this week. It felt like such a "Texas" thing to do. It was actually quite fun, though. The picture above is my co-worker Denise and me dressed up in our rodeo attire. I have to say that cowboys are insane. I can't believe someone would willingly sit on a crazy bull and see how long you can stay on until it bucks you off and tramples you. My favorite event was when they had these high schoolers wrestling calves down to the ground. They had to wrestle them down, tie a rope around them, and drag them back into a circle. It was quite entertaining. Trisha Yearwood performed at the end and put on a good show. So all in all, it was a fun week in Houston. I did get a few stares when I arrived back in New York last night with my new cowboy hat. But I don't care. I love the hat and shirt and perhaps I'll walk down the streets in New York someday wearing that...actually, I probably won't. I will save it for my next rodeo/western event...or perhaps Halloween...