what's on tv?

A few months ago, my roommate and I got a DVR box through our cable company. For an extra $10 a month, we can record anything on TV. We justified it by saying: 1) instead of wasting time watching things we didn't want to watch, we would watch the worthwhile shows that we had taped throughout the week and 2) we were actually saving time watching these shows by not having to watch commercials. I definitely don't watch that much TV. In fact, I have three shows that I'm currently watching regularly. The DVR gives me peace of mind about missing my shows when I'm traveling. And Thursday night is a great night because when I return, I can watch all the shows I've missed throughout the week. What are my favorite shows you ask? Well, here they are...

Oh how I love 24. I've seen all the seaons and am currently loving season 5. I could re-watch and re-watch it. It's intelligent, action oriented, funny (yes...gotta love the awkward Chloe moments), patriotic, and conservative. What could be better? Oh, and Jack is hot...and so is Tony.

Meet Patrick Dempsey. You may remember him from the 80's film, "Can't buy me love." He now stars as a neurosuregon in Grey's Anatomy. The show is great. It's better than ER, less intense, but quite enjoyable to watch. Although, I'll confess that the above picture was obtained in a less than moral way. I was in the Dr's office and I saw it and put it in my bag when the doctor left the room. My roommate's response to what I did, "Grey's is such a great show, but it keeps making us sin. We lust after Patrick Dempsey, now you steal, and we're all rooting for divorce." Unless you watch the show, you won't understand her quote...but I promise, it isn't as bad as it sounds.

The Office is SUCH a funny show. And I mean, laugh out-loud, pee-your-pants funny. Anyone that works or ever has worked in an office is guaranteed to like it. It takes the little things of office life and blows them out of proportion, but there is truth in the humor that makes it hilarious. Who hasn't had a boss with some "Michael" traits? It's a bit like a cross between Office Space and a SNL skit. And the more you watch an episode, the more you pick up on and the funnier it is. I love this show. I watch it on my iPod on the plane a lot and I sit there laughing out loud. People think I'm weird, but I can't help it.


-sal* said...

I cried for Edgar. Carmel probably will, too. I just didn't see it coming. I will miss him terribly.

On a happier note: TONY'S BACK BABY! WOO HOO!!