professor lockhart

i've been meaning to write about this guy in my small group who we'll call joe for quite a while now. he's SUCH an interesting fellow...here's a description of him.
he's between 40-45 years old. he is very thin, blonde hair, glasses, average height. he is a yoga and fitness class instructor. and he talks and acts like he is gay, but i don't think he is. he has a very, well, interesting sense of fashion. last night he was wearing jeans (that he made himself) with a cuff of brown fur at the bottom. he had a turtle neck with a hawaiian-like shirt on over it (only the pattern was not hawaiian). and over that he had on a jean jacket that had holes all over it. and he told us that he cut the holes in it himself.
he's also a really funny personality. he reminds me a LOT of professor lockhart from harry potter and the chamber of secrets. he's also a writer and just wrote an autobiography. and he talks in a semi-full of himself way, even though i don't really think he's full of himself, he sometimes gives the impression that he is. anyway...he's just an odd character in general. but everyone else in the group loves to laugh at the things he says and the way he acts.
last night we went to a karaoke place after group (99% of the people in the group are asian). and joe was sooo funny. imagine him in the outfit described above, singing to "Fever" and dancing around like elaine from seinfeld. when some of us were singing "Like a Prayer", his dancing was in full form as he picked up the small asian woman who leads our small group and started swirling her around the room. oh my word. it was quite the sight.