the call to verizon that changed my life

i called verizon today to change my cell phone plan. no one ever calls me anymore so i don't need as many minutes. i also am at work during the day so i can use my phone there if i need to make calls during the day. but, what changed my life during the call is that the customer service woman told me to press *218 or something like that to update my phone so it would receive all of the new cell towers. well, this changed my world when i got back to my apartment. if you've ever talked to me while i'm at home and been cut off one or multiple times during our conversation, you will appreciate how wonderful it is that i now have FULL BARS EVERYWHERE IN MY APARTMENT. it is truly amazing. now i won't have the annoyance of talking for a few minutes before realizing that i've been cut off. i won't have to wander around the apartment searching for a signal. i won't have to worry about missing calls because i happened to not be in the right spot to get a call.
i feel like no one is really even reading what i've been writing here and if they are, they probably could care less about my phone's full coverage...but it's the most exciting thing that's happened to me all week...what an exciting life i live. i can't wait for thanksgiving.


CBog said...

Lindsay! What number is that?