the toilet

our toilet was broken for about a month...well, actually it has been broken since i moved in. don't get me wrong, it DOES work. but every now and then the chain would get caught and you'd have to lift the top off the tank and fix it. semi-annoying, but not worth being crazy and calling the super about it. but then the problem started happening more regularly and when our kitchen light went out it was finally time to call primo, the super. now, primo is strange. it's hard to describe him other than that he's got a screw or two loose somewhere. well, he came the same day i called him and fixed the light, but didn't fix the toilet. so we just figured that he wasn't going to fix it. he didn't leave a note--nothing. then today, i came back from work and when i went into the bathroom there was a bunch of crap in the trashcan. upon further inspection, i realized that it looked familiar--it was the insides of the toilet that i had become intimately acquainted with in the past month. but what was it doing in the trash? i lifted up the top to the toilet and saw brand new equipment inside! yessss!! however, it's really strange that he put the old toilet insides in the trashcan. our trashcan isn't just a normal trashcan. it's one of those little, pretty bathroom trashcans that doesn't even have a plastic bag in it. so you get the full idea, i've posted some pictures.