the city that never sleeps

i'm beginning to see what people mean when they say new york is the city that never sleeps. the traditional meaning of the saying is that the city is always busy and there are always people around, shops open, restaurants to eat in, etc. the city never feels empty. BUT, there is a deeper implication to the saying that you don't understand until you live here. not only does the city never sleep, but the people that live here never sleep either. if you think about it, for the city to never sleep, it needs to have people that are up at all hours. and it's not that i never sleep...i just sleep way less than i used to. i go to bed past midnight every night and i get up at 6:30 or a little earlier or later on weekdays to go to the gym and then to work. and forget about catching up on sleep during the weekend. you're too busy running errands, going out, enjoying all the city has to offer. sometimes i stay up late for no reason...i just start doing things and before i know it it's 1:30am and i'm wasting time writing a blog entry instead of going to bed...riiight. the city and the people that never sleep.