When I grow up, I want to be a...

If I didn't have a career in business, there are three other occupations that I find fascinating and would like to pursue. I was thinking of all of them during my activities of the day. I'm not saying that I don't want a career in business (I mean, technically I don't even have a 'career' in business for another week or so). These are just things I think I would enjoy if I had a chance to pursue several different careers in my lifetime. First, I would like to be a transportation engineer. It's so interesting how highways and streets are planned, the timing of street lights, the workings of public transportation. Just today I was thinking of this when the F train wasn't running according to schedule due to construction. What planning is involved in making the G train run on the F train line while the F train runs in place of the C train, which isn't even running at all? Second, I would be an architect. Buildings, bridges, houses, and skyscrapers are equally fascinating. I think I would enjoy the calculations and design aspects that go into building such structures. Finally, I would like to be a photographer. It would be so fun to travel the world with my camera, taking pictures, getting good angles, and having all of the nice (and expensive) equipment to get the good shots. So if business doesn't work out for me...you might find me with a camera on a bridge that I just designed, analyzing traffic patterns.