People Watching

New York is a really interesting place to people watch...Particularly on the subway. Here are two interesting people I ran into today.

  1. The Mooner: This guy was walking along while I was waiting for the train to come and he just dropped his jeans and boxers and started mooning everyone. He walked around like this for about 3-5 minutes while everyone else stood around wondering whether to look at laugh or pretend nothing was going on.
  2. The Slapper: At first, the slapper appeared to be a normal man reading a book while waiting for the F train. However, the train was taking a while to come because there were delays due to construction. All of a sudden, I heard a loud slap. I looked over and saw that he had just slapped his book with his hand and then had muttered a few cuss words under his breath. He then returned to reading. But then, suddenly there was another slap and another and another. It was so loud that it was attracting the attention of everyone waiting. The longer we waited, the more frequent the slaps came and each slap was louder than the one before. Finally, the train came and he violently grabbed his bag and started spitting at the train. While observing the whole situation, I was having trouble restraining my laughter...Especially when another guy next to me started mimicking the slapper.