i think i'm addicted to blogs...

...because i am now officially the author of 3 blogs. before you schedule an intervention, let me explain. i really do have a good explanation.

blog #1 is this blog...obviously. and i started it in 2005 when i first learned about blogging. i lived in new york and didn't have a plan for the blog other than to put random things on it that i encountered while living in new york city.

blog #2 i was super bored at work over the last 4ish months. i got really tired of reading news and articles and blogs (surprise surprise). so i looked for another thing to fill the free time i had at work. since i was reading so many blogs, i thought that maybe i would start a new one. but this one i wanted to host and code myself. so i learned css and html and a little php. i played around with it forever. finally, i got my site up and running. it's called 'painting lilies'. you can find the story behind the site on the site at http://paintinglilies.com

blog #3 you may or may not know that i'm going to the dominican republic in a few days. people kept asking me to start a blog so they can follow my trip. so i was going to do it here on lindsays2cents. but then i thought that i was sending it out to a million random people and i wasn't quite sure i wanted ALL of them to have access to lindsays2cents. i mean, they all technically have access since this is a public blog on the internet. but, well...it just seemed like i should keep them separate. my second thought was to include a DR section on blog #2. but after trying that, the subjects just seemed too different. finally, i caved in and opened blog #3 to chronicle my times in the DR. http://lchunt.wordpress.com

so there you have it. my three blogs. i'm not abandoning this one. but i'm guessing that you'll find more updates on the other two for at least a little while. i mean, i'll always be able to post my embarrassing bird stories on lindsays2cents. which reminds me...i may have to update with my latest bird disaster...see you somewhere on the blogosphere!