o canada!

last weekend my brother and i drove from seattle up to whistler for a ski weekend. the snow wasn't that great, but whistler is awesome. the views are beautiful, the mountains are enormous and we had tons of new runs to explore. it was also interesting to see some of the places where the olympic races will take place next year. all in all a great weekend!

view from our balcony

literally in the clouds...the locals told us we were lucky to have two days of sunny skies.  fog often sets in and covers the mountain.  in this shot, i'm at the top of the mountain.  the base of whistler is only about 2,300 ft elevation. the summit is at 7,300 ft elevation.  you gain a lot of vertical, but we thought it was crazy that the summit is below the base elevation of many colorado mountains (10,000 ft). it certainly makes it a lot easier to breathe while skiing! 

we saw this weird rock sculpture at the top of one of the mountains.  we didn't know what it was, but figured it would make a good picture.  later we found out that it was built recently and is the symbol of the 2010 winter olympics.  

[more pics can be seen here]