many of my loyal blog readers (all 3 of you) know about my favorite words.  the words i try to incorporate into normal conversations as much as possible.  but this post isn't about my favorite words (farce and penultimate are at the top of my list).  this post is about the words i don't like.  my reasons for disliking these words are varied, but here they are...

1. bizarre: i'm not really sure why i don't like this word.  i think it has something to do with the way it sounds.  and because i dislike this word, i can't stand the song 'how bizzare'. 

2. mature or immature: i only dislike these words when they are pronounced "muh-too-r" or "im-muh-too-r".  if you pronounce it "muh-chur" then the words don't bother me.  i think the former pronunciation bothers me because this is how my parents pronounce the word.  i mostly dislike it because it reminds me of conversations where i was called "im-muh-too-r".  the fact that i dislike the words only for these reasons probably classifies me as "im-muh-too-r".  

3. moist: i started disliking this word because i have a friend who really can't stand it.  i kept trying to use it to annoy her one day (see 'im-muh-too-r' above) and as a result, i started to dislike it.  it sounds gross.  

4. entrepreneurial (or any other version of the word like entrepreneurship, etc):  i really can't stand this word because it's so hard to spell.  it doesn't matter how many times i have to type it.  i always have to think about how to spell it.  and it's long.  and i have to write it all the time.  

what word do you dislike?  and why?  (i promise not to use them just to annoy you...)