i don't get sick very often.  when i do get sick, i get really really sick.  this week i was sick.  sinus infection sick.  i haven't been this sick since my subway illness in march 2007.  

perhaps i'll write a blog about that sickness sometime.  it was quite the story.  long story short--the sickness hit me on the subway on my way home from work in new york.  it was the flu.  the type that makes you barf...on a crowded subway...during rush hour.  when i finally made it home, it forced me to camp out on the couch with a fever for three days. 

but, enough about that sickness.  (although it does demonstrate the severity of my illnesses.)  this time i had a sinus infection.  one that made my face feel like it was about to explode.  i conquered it with 2.5 days on the couch, prescription drugs, and lots and lots of sleep.  thank goodness for medicine.  

so today i'm wondering, what is better...to be violently sick infrequently or to be moderately sick more frequently?  although the violent illnesses are painful, i think i'd pick them over more frequent illness.  i mean, i enjoyed health for 19 months.  3 days of violent illness isn't bad when compared with 19 months of health.  

there's still one thing i don't understand, though.  why do i always lose my voice after my sickness is over and i'm feeling better?  i want my voice to sound bad when i'm actually sick...not when i'm feeling recovered.  


Justin and Kate Mills said...

I'm catching up on all your blog posts since Nolan was born. At that point I lost touch with the outside world and am now finally regaining it. Anyway, I am totally the same way - I hardly ever get sick, and then when I do, I'm miserable. I remember when I realized Sarah and I were different like that...we were talking about throwing up, and to her it wasn't a big deal. But I can count on one hand the number of times I've thrown up and tell you the circumstances of each time because it was that traumatic for me. Unfortunately since Nolan, I've switched over to the other side, and gotten sick three times in 6 months (more than I'd gotten sick in 6 years before that!). And I have to say, prolonged periods of health are better. :) Ok, well, this probably would've been better as an email and not as a comment...