travel fun...

while boarding my flight last night...

man: i left my cell phone in the waiting area.  can i get off the plane to look for it?
flight attendant 1: no, but we can have someone look for it.  what does it look like?  where is it?
[man goes into complicated description of where it is]
flight attendant 2: didn't you get the memo?
flight attendant 1: what memo?
flight attendant 2: a memo came a few weeks ago that said people can get off the plane if they forgot something.
flight attendant 1: doesn't that seem dangerous?
flight attendant 2: yes.  they can leave their luggage and get off the plane.  who knows what's in their luggage.  a bomb, perhaps?  
flight attendant 1: but i guess it's ok if the memo says it is.
flight attendant 2 (to man): you can get off the plane.  


marzbarz said...

Wow. Which airline was this? I'm going to send them a memo alerting them that Marla Stump should be allowed free travel at every request.